Worthless dog vaccines

December 9, 2007

If your veterinarian is vaccinating your dog for GIARDIA and/or CORONA VIRUS, you might consider trying to find a more honest vet. Giardia is a vaccine that simply does no good. It doesn’t work! Corona Virus vaccine is even worse. There has never been a recorded case of the disease. The American Animal Hospital Association stated in an article that it was a vaccine looking for a reason to be given. Of course any vet vaccinating a client’s dogs for it has found a reason. It’s called increasing the bottom line.

Canine Leptospirosis

December 9, 2007

LEPTO IN DOGS is greatly over hyped. The disease is actually quite rare and, since it is a bacterial infection, it can be treated with antibiiotics. As with almost all vaccines, Lepto is recommended as an annual shot by the majority of veterinarians. This isn’t a good idea.

The vaccine is considered immunosuppressive and thus the side effects from the vaccination are considered more dangerous than the disease. On top of the vaccine being more dangerous than the disease, there are numerous strains of the disease organism and most vaccines contain the wrong ones. Thus most vaccines end up protecting against strains of the infection the dog is unlikely to encounter. Most research facilities and universities simply do NOT recommend vaccinating dogs for Lepto. Don’t waste your money even if your dog is a hunting dog. It’s safer not to vaccinate and a lot less expensive.

Feline Leukemia

December 9, 2007

Some things you should know about LEUKEMIA IN CATS:

It is known that most infections occur before one year of age even though symptoms may not occur for 6 or 7 years. 90% of cats a year old or older are resistant even if not vaccinated. House cats simply aren’t going to be exposed – don’t vaccinate – ever.

LEUKEMIA TESTING is most beneficial if done on a cat you want to bring home. If it’s positive, you don’t want it. Testing a pet you already own may be a mistake because, if it’s positive, you can’t change the progression of the disease. It will only give you a lot of worry and enable the vet to insist on routine, periodic testing which will cost a lot of money and still not change the outcome. Not all positive cats develop symptoms and die but it’s not good odds.

Since the LEUKEMIA VACCINATION is classified as a carcinogenic agent by the World Health Organization, it’s probably more dangerous to vaccinate your animal, especially if it’s over a year of age, than not vaccinate. 22,000 cats die every year from cancer caused by the irritation from vaccinations and leukemia vaccines are some of the worst. Most veterinarians insist on yearly vaccinations for all cats. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!


November 27, 2007

Heartworm testing is a big money maker for veterinarians. Since monthly preventives are virtually 100% effective and 18 months of one preventive (Heartguard which contains ivermectin) will actually cure an animal of the infection, yearly testing is very hard to justify. When your vet insists that testing is mandated before giving the preventitive, implying it would be harmful if given to an infected dog, remember this: The American Heartworm Society’s recommended TREATMENT for an infected dog is to give nothing but Heartguard monthly for the first six months. This sterilizes the female worms and they shrink in size which results in much less lung damage when they later die and deposit in the lungs. Then the Heartworm Society wants you to take the dog back to your vet so he/she can treat the animal but the Society reluctantly admits that 12 more months of monthly Heartguard will cure the animal. This is obviously much cheaper and safer than the vet treatment. I’m sure you vet will disagree!!

Also if it’s too cold for mosquitoes, there can be no danger of catching heartworm. Year around preventitive in areas of the country with seasons is a waste of your money. A new book “How to Afford Veterinary Care without Mortgaging the Kids” by Dr. Busby explains this and much more. Purchased locally, Amazon or Itasca Books. How to Afford Veterinary Care Without Mortgaging the Kids.

The Lymes test is not a diagnosis.

November 27, 2007

Doc walks his dogs An article by the American Veterinary Medical Association stated that:  Detection of antilbodies against Lyme disease is not definitive evidence of active or incipient outbreak of infection or an indication of the need for treatment.  Serologic status determined at a singular point in time is not predictive of future illness.  Summation — The test is WORTHLESS except to generate income for the clinic.  Up to 90% of normal dogs may test positive for Lyme disease yet, when followed for years, don’t come down with symptoms any more often than those testing negative.  The only symptom in dogs is multiple leg soreness. The AVMA states that a dog must be in a Lyme area, show this sympton and respond rapidly to the correct treat in order to be diagnosed having the disease.  It’s rare in dogs & easily treated. Veterinary colleges don’t even recommend vaccinating for it. A new book “How to Afford Veterinary Care without Mortgaging the Kids” by Dr. Busby explains this & much more. Purchased locally, Amazon or Itasca Books. How to Afford Veterinary Care Without Mortgaging the Kids.

Dogs and cats are over vaccinated

November 27, 2007

Doc with the Moose Recent studies show many shots last a lifetime just as in people.  The AVMA conducted a study (AVMA Council on Biologic & Therapeutic Agents – COBTA).  Here are some statements from the conclusion of this study:  There is no scientific data to support label directiions for re-administering modified live vaccines annually.  The practice of re-vaccinating animals annually is largely based on historic precedent supported by no scientific data.  There’s increasing evidence that vaccines provide immunity way beyond one year.  Repeating vaccines in adult, previously vaccinated animals does not provide added protection and may expose animals to unnecessary risk. Then the AVMA chickened out and left the decision of how often to revaccinate up to the individual vet and almost all are still insisting it needs to be done yearly.  They can’t let go of that cash cow!!!

There is even a dog vaccine (corona virus) for a disease that doesn’t exist. Adult rabies vaccinations should last 3 years for both dogs & cats. None of the 27 veterinary colleges recommend vaccinating dogs for Lime disease because the side effects are more of a threat than the disease.   A new book “How to Afford Veterinary Care without Mortgaging the Kids” by Dr. Busby explains this & much more. Purchased locally, Amazon or Itasca Books. How To Afford Veterinary Care without Mortgaging the Kids.

A book written by an OLD COUNTRY VET

November 27, 2007

How to Afford Vet CareYou might be interested in my new pet care book
How to Afford Veterinary Care without Mortgaging the Kids.
I’m 65 and am still in very active practice, but am disgruntled over the way my
profession is pricing routine (and often unjustified) procedures
beyond the reach of middle- and lower-class pet owners. Many
of these are not only unnecessary, but some even border on
being unethical in my opinion.

Hello and Welcome from Dr. Busby!

November 27, 2007

docheadshot1.jpg I am the fourth veterinarian in a family of veterinarians that stretches over a period of 100 years. My practice is going into its 41st year. In a nut shell I have grown so disillusioned with my profession’s hyping of unnecessary and sometimes even risky procedures for dogs and cats for the shameful purpose of simply increasing their clinic’s bottom line that I have written a book. Escalating costs of owning a pet is rapidly making ownership of companion animals a very costly enterprise and placing it out of the reach of more and more even middle class families. My book details in depth all the unnecessary medical procedures that pet owners are pressured into but can easily avoid with just a little inside knowledge. It also contains many common sense suggestions and ideas on pet care and ownership from a veterinarian who has personally owned and loved over a dozen dogs and cats in his lifetime.